News & Updates

New Projects !

I am preparing the release of a live duo album recorded with pianist Wolfgang Dauner, who passed away in January 2020. We often collaborated in the 60s before I moved to California. I loved his compositions and we played a mix of his and mine. It will be released by MPS Records /Edel Music & Entertainment on February 25, 2022. Also my recent albums Life Enigma, The Atacama Experience and older ones like No Absolute time and more will also be re-issued by MPS in a near future. I recorded several albums for this label in the 60s, such as Sunday Walk which will also be re-issued by MPS in March 2022.  

I also recorded as guest artist along with Jon Anderson on one track with the band Inventioning directed and produced by Michael Lewis, the song is called "Some People". You can find it at and also hear it at this YouTube link

Baron Browne passed away !

Super bass player Baron Browne passed away on Sept. 2nd, 2021 !  All my U.S. Band members, Rayford, Jamie, Wally and myself are extremely sad, we lost a great musician, we loved both his playing and his personality so much. He toured around the world with us for many years and recorded on 4 albums “Fables, The Gift of Time, Storytelling, Live At Chene Park”. He also played with Billy Cobham, Steps Ahead, Gary Burton, Steve Smith / Vital Information and many other great artists. We will miss him so much, may his soul rest in peace !

Chick Corea Passed Away

I am so deeply affected by the passing away of Chick Corea who was a musical genius and a good friend. My collaborations with him and the world tour with RTF IV in 2011 are among the highlights of my career. May his soul rest in peace !