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Next concerts: Festival NANCY JAZZ PULSATIONS / France 17 octobre 2019 - and JAZZ JAMBOREE in Warsaw / Poland 27 October !!! check details in Concerts page.


This pic. was taken in the Czech Republic and our next show as a Quartet with my daughter Clara on keyboards, Guy Nsangué (bass) and Damien Schmitt (drums) will be in Poland

JLP Quintet in 2018 in France

I formed this great Quintet in early 2018 for shows in Europe, we performed in Poland and France and will do more in 2019 with William Lecomte (keyb.) Jean Marie Ecay (guitar) Guy Nsangué Akwa (bass) Damien Schmitt (drums)

Memories from 2018 !

Evan Garr my spiritual son from Detroit jamming with us in August

Atlantic Years Band in Detroit

Ex-band member legendary bassist Ralphe Armstrong joined the ATLANTIC YEARS BAND on stage in Detroit, with Wally Minko (keyb.) Jamie Glaser (guitar) Keith Jones (bass) Rayford Griffin (drums)