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“Sphere was 100% created for Jean-Luc Ponty… which I kind of figured to me was one of my first inspirations. When I first started making the track, it probably took me like maybe 10 minutes to decide, OK, this was a Jean-Luc Ponty piece. How would Jean approach it? As soon as I sent it to him, he loved it. It was immediate. It was “yes” immediately. Jean did a hell of a performance and it is an honor to have him on the project.” —Ron Trent

It was a nice surprise when Ron Trent offered me to collaborate on the single “Sphere” from his new album WARM “What do the stars say to you”. I was happy to discover that an artist like him from a younger generation and from a different style of music than mine was interested in my playing and my music. When I listened to the track he had prepared for me, I could hear common musical elements between house music and jazz. “Sphere” has such a great groove but also that special mood which inspired me immediately to play on it. The ultimate goal in music is to express what cannot be expressed with words. Sounds and vibrations can lift your soul to another world and ‘Sphere’ does it for me.” Check it out......... Jean-Luc