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  • Bonjour

    Pierre Teodori

    Toulouse France

    Bonjour Jean-Luc, J'avais juste envie de te faire un petit coucou, et te souhaiter tout ce que tu peux souhaiter de meilleur pour toi et ceux que tu aimes et pour ta musique. J'espère toujours avoir le bonheur de pouvoir assister à un de tes concerts en France si possible. Avec tout mon respect. Sincèrement Pierre
    May 23, 2010 4:13pm
  • Live Album


    Paris France

    Please release the live album of your recent concert. I love your studio recording but the live concert with actual formation of JLP Band (with Damien) is just breathtaking. I chain-watch your concert broadcasted by Sat1(2008) in Germany on You tube. Reminds me of your Paris concert. Extraordinary.
    May 14, 2010 9:04am
  • hello

    Jean Luc

    I don't have time to listen to music everyday, I practice everyday and with emails and everything else, I don't have much time left for aything else. When I do listen to other musicians once a month or every other month perhaps, it's usually CDs or mp3s sent by young musicians whose music I am curious to discover
    May 7, 2010 5:56pm
  • Jean Luc...and Mark O'Connor


    Tariffville CT USA

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vjHrI1qIfY This is a video that Mark posted on youtube....look for a way-too-brief clip of Mark and Jean Luc playing 'New County' at the 3:12 mark. This has many of the violin stars from Mark's "Heroes" album. It's fascinating to watch-just wish that Jean Luc's segment was full-length...and that there were more! BMB
    May 7, 2010 12:31pm
  • What kind of music do you listen to?



    Hey Jean-luc, I am a huge fan of your work, it's always nice to come across music with the amount of complexity and thought you put into your chords, which is rare. I was curious to know what music or artists you listen to on a daily basis? Not necessarily influences, but just music you like to listen to, maybe we have common interests. Hope to hear from you soon, Stay strong Jean-Luc!
    May 6, 2010 2:41pm
  • My condolences as well

    JJ the Ponty Fan

    Seems like Lance has sent me many a fine post on this board over the years. Its always nice to chat with other nice fans. I am saddended by this terrible loss. I had always asked for All my tears by Jars of Clay to be played at my funeral if something happened to me but maybe I should conisder Eulogy to Oscar Romero or Ethereal Mood as well. Those are things I think of when I deploy as I will this summer. So sad..I'm sorry Lance. Don't know what else to say.
    May 4, 2010 3:59pm
  • Lance's son


    I was totally shocked, in tears, after reading Lance's email. Lance had turned his son into a fan of my music, and I am proud that my song Watching Birds was played during the burial ceremony. I can only imagine what you, Lance, and your family are going through, and my thoughts are with you all.
    May 3, 2010 6:12pm
  • Lance


    Tariffville CT USA

    Lance-words cannot begin to express our sympathy towards you and your loved ones. You have been a part of-may I say it-this family of fans for some time now, and your loss is ours. May God bless and comfort you and yours in this time of sorrow...and may the reunion that comes with life everlasting be, someday, a truly wonderful event for you.
    May 2, 2010 2:56pm
  • Foundation

    Lance McKay Sr

    Inkster Mi

    For those that don't know, my 18yr old son was killed Wed. by a distracted motorist (Texting)? we have set up an account called the "Lance L. McKay II foundation" @ Parkside Credit Union 1747 S. Newburgh Rd. Westland Mi 48186 Phone# (734) 525-0700 ext. 200 (Mary Kay Cora). account # 57705330000.
    May 1, 2010 8:38am
  • Merci


    paris france france

    Pour votre musique ! C'est "à cause" (!!) de vous , entre autres ,que je suis devenu musicien ! www.regiscoisne.com
    Apr 28, 2010 5:05pm