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  • North American Tour?

    Scott Young

    Birmingham Al. USA

    Ok, The demand is there for a tour of North America. I suggest you start rehearsals, create enough material for a record, create a record. Add Holdsworth to the lineup ( I notice you have not been using a Guitar in the line up) Then I suggest you create a tour, jack up the prices to fund it. $200 ? This in turn will connect with a new audience and you will be on the road to satisfy all of us followers/worshipers. So 2015 would be suitable for me. You in? George Duke would want this for you and us......
    Jan 10, 2014 4:14pm
  • Saw you live


    In 1977 or '78 at a UWOshkosh here in Wisconsin. What memories! I've been a singer all my life in bands for many years. I found myself in a band in the '70's with a violinist that was as enthralled with you as I was and I convinced him to do New Country. We did and even though a lot of the audiences we played for didn't know it they LOVED it! And, you would have been proud of him. He performed it well and I danced my feet off! Again, what memories.... THANK YOU
    Jan 9, 2014 10:52pm
  • Tanks for your signs and good greatings for this season

    Sergio Mayorquin

    Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico

    Dear Jean-Luc Past May 25 and 26 You, William, Guy and Damien give us a couple of wonderful concerts in Guadalajara, Mexico and you kindly sign my vinyl records I want to say thanks again, this collection is a real treasure for me and my daugther, I really enjoy your music since the first time I heard in 1978, you are the best. I want to wish you and your family the best things at the beginning of this year: Health, Love and Peace. Regards from the Tequila's land, Sergio Mayorquin.
    Jan 1, 2014 10:46pm