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  • Hi, again !


    Buenos Aires Argentina

    Hi master JLP ! "We" will see us newly ! The last time was in the last ´70 in Buenos Aires tour too. Im excited about our new reunion next November 15. Your music (you) are an important part of my life. Thanks a lot for visit us again. See you ! Al
    Nov 5, 2011 11:20pm
  • Researching promoters; and being the center of the violin universe?


    I've discovered that with the history of JLP concerts listed here, it is possible to research venues online/via Google. From the venue research one can either get promoter information, or at least a contact at the venue which leads to a promoter. With that in mind, I'm sharpening the pencil with an eye towards a potential spring or fall 2012 concert in our area. What makes that exciting is that by some twist of fate, our area is slowly getting a "critical mass" of violin activity. next month, "Irish fiddler" Jamie Laval is performing at a nearby university. And recently we got to see violinist Mark Wood in an awesome, inspiring performance-with an orchestra of middle school and high school students! Mark has a mission-to make string instruments/school orchestras "cool", and he achieves it. We saw young kids rocking onstage with Mark...not playing Mozart, but playing Led Zeppelin, Coldplay, Paul McCartney...and Aaron Copland! Now we just need an appearance by the JLP band and we can claim to be the violin center of the universe. I"m working on it...
    Oct 29, 2011 5:59pm
  • 2011/12 DVD


    Danville California USA

    If you had any thoughts of recording some of the upcoming South American shows, doing a self-published DVD (you could use local camera operators and call it part of the tour expenses) would seem to be the best bet. Many of us would pay LOTS of money for the old 1988 Santiago recording, and you have enough loyal fans who would buy direct so a DVD of the new tour might well pay for itself in quick order. You ask fans to contact U.S. promoters and venues to request they book the JLP band. Any favorites or details for various states? I'd be happy to pester some in the Bay area of California for you! I loved seeing you with RTF and Dweezil at the Warfield Theater (San Francisco), and it was nice to see you and Lenny being a bit more silly than usual. Hope all is well in Paris, Texas....
    Oct 27, 2011 11:35pm
  • north america tour --alantic

    david barta

    riverside ca usa

    Jean luc The strength--- what I might suggest to you is to direct your effort to the rock agenda, As I have bought all of your works . The air time for radio is a tragic dis-service to your artistry . I believe that for the nature of jazz has always been at a differed market, than rock or other forms. I had suggested to the new local rock station your work, because they pride spinning old vinyl as album sides. The Atlantic era venue... (THE SOUND 100.3) I grew up here and they visit so many other works--- I was listening to in the same era !! They promote for so many reasons and causes. Many of the local rock bands are following suit to many dates and smaller venues which must make your planning hard, to say the least. I would also in that suggestion explain preserving your Atlantic work through that connection. As you were here and KWST KMET did play your works in that time.. pick an artist, an abstract to create a course not yet traveled I wrote an email at one time suggesting that Kenny G should take interest, in what your works have accomplished .. I am certain in that suggestion you would have reason for -no-- but as a listener of both expressions, your scaling your melodic climbs at drop would most definite be an abstract soprano sax would meld through beautifully... I sent that email to Kenny G and he responded, saying he has always followed your works and would greatly aspire such a commingling ... Open Mind served your work with George Benson I still play the guitar to that piece over and over because when he dropped out and you rose that was a condition That defined "the science of sound" Mozart would have reflected that of your works I got to see you at Anthology in San Diego with my wife 2yrs ago. as 40 years as a fan was worth it....... dave
    Oct 26, 2011 4:11am
  • my apologies


    PORT CHESTER New York United States

    Please accept my apology for requesting a YouTube video of a song from the Atlantic years band. Hopefully a US promoter will hear how well the South American tour did, and bring them to the US. Then I'll go out and buy a ticket and see them play live. Thanks for all the great music!
    Oct 24, 2011 2:41pm
  • Atlantic Years - U.S. tour


    As mentioned a while ago, my management and I are doing everything we can to bring this "Atlantic Years" tour to the U.S., either Springtime or Fall 2012. The demand for this project came first from South American concert promoters, we hope U.S. promoters will be as enthusiastic, our wishful thinking is not enough and it would help if you guys let your local concert promoters and festivals know that you wish to see this band in your area. Without their business we can do nothing. Youtube is great to discover and keep in touch with musicians, however its easy access to live videos  make sale of DVDs almost non-existent and it is now very difficult to convince record labels to spend money on such expensive productions. It is also slightly disturbing to play a concert and see almost everyone in the first rows holding up their phones and cameras. The general rule for professional photographers and television networks has always been to take pictures during the first couple of songs, then stop, so as not to disturb the concentration of performers. There is always a positive and a negative side to all things. 

    Oct 24, 2011 10:20am
  • Atlantic band


    PORT CHESTER New York United States

    Ok, since we are not sure this band is going to tour the US, can someone make a YouTube video of them playing in South America? Thanks!!
    Oct 22, 2011 3:17pm
  • If you could see the Atlantic Years band in person...


    What would you enjoy the most? First-Jamie Glaser on guitar. It's great to have a guitar back in the lineup, and the combination of Jamie's amazing career (including his time with JLP) and his energy with JLP's music makes this a highlight. But a close second is Rayford Griffin on drums. Just finished watching the 1988 video of Egocentric Molecules on youtube and Rayford is astounding...listen to the double bass drum work towards the end...he just never lets up. I would also enjoy seeing what I anticipate to be a new dimension to William Lecomte. I've been lucky to see Baron with JLP, but I'd relish another chance.
    Oct 22, 2011 2:37am
  • Touring in 2012


    Canandaigua NY United States

    Hello Jean, I just wanted to say how big of a fan I am of your brilliant music. I'm 23 years old and you are one of my all-time favorite artists...along with Yes, Rush, Neil Young, Tom Petty, Frank Zappa, etc. If you do end up touring in the U.S. in the Summer of 2012...playing a show at CMAC in Canandaigua, NY or even some place in Rochester, NY would be a dream come true for me and I'm sure many many more people around this area. I've listened to your live recordings and have seen plenty of live footage from many of your different bands. They are ALL excellent and each one brings a unique flavor to your compositions. It's one thing to listen to a recording or watch a concert on DVD, but to be able to see you perform in person would be unreal. You're a legend, without a doubt! Take care and I hope to see you someday live. :) -Jim
    Oct 20, 2011 9:25pm
  • Otra vez bienvenido


    Santiago Region Metropolitana Chile

    Jean Luc, estamos ansiosos esperándote en Santiago de Chile. Acá tienes un público incondicional que jamás deja de admirarte. Gracias por realizar 4 conciertos en nuestro país. Un abrazo.
    Oct 18, 2011 9:09pm