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  • Cormeil


    Louvigné du désert 35 France

    Cher Jean-Luc, Après avoir eu la chance de te voir à Coutances en 1994, c'est avec un immense plaisir que j'ai pu assister de nouveau à l'un de tes nombreux concerts, j'aurais presque pu te voir à Yaroslavl en Russie, ayant de la famille là-bas, mais je n'ai pu m'y rendre. Merci pour cette merveilleuse soirée à toi ainsi qu'aux menbres du groupe,j'écoute ta musique dupuis l'age de 12 ans , j'en ai 42, et étant adepte de la période "fusion" ce concert de Cormeil était comme fait pour moi. Je sais que ton coeur était lourd ce soir là, après la disparition de ton grand ami George Duke, et je l'ai moi meme ressenti profondément au travers de ton jeu ce soir là, et pendant quelques jours. lorsque j'ai quitté la salle après la dernier morceau, je me suis soudainement senti très seul et ému, j'aurais tellement aimé pouvoir discuter quelques minutes avec vous, et j'ai beaucoup repensé à ce rappel sur la route du retour. Merci pour ta musique, et j'attends déja pour le prochain concert:)
    Sep 9, 2013 10:53pm


    Chennai Tamil Nadu India

    My deepest sympathies and condolences to Jean-Luc for the loss of a dear friend and musician. I'm sure Jean-Luc would have met George in Turkey earlier this year during the International Jazz Festival. This is a very sad day for the entire music industry and I'm sure fond memories will prevail of what has been built over the years. Currently, I'm listening to the spirited George Duke solo in Jean Luc's album 'INDIVIDUAL CHOICE' - the track IN SPIRITUAL LOVE.
    Aug 7, 2013 4:36pm
  • come back please

    Quincy Wade drummer

    Las vegas Nevada united states of America

    Please you have to come back and make me and my family and let me feel the holy ghost again. All your I love and grew up on every since my dad turned me on to your music in the min 70's I was about 3 years old and still listen to til this day. Were huge fans and I was glad I got to see you in concert outside of Las Vegas red rock canyon in summer 1998. You just have to come back here. One of my biggest dreams was to play for you one day, it'll probably never happen but would love to attend your show again. As a drummer myself I use to play along with your music and so many others did that I know. [email deleted] if could ever contact me would be the greatest ever. We love you HOP.
    Aug 7, 2013 5:57am
  • huge fan

    kenya f

    las vegas nv united states

    I was introduced to jlp via my day about 25/30 yrs ago & even though my brother loves jlp more than amything (he's a musician) I did not fully appreciate him til now....please come to las vegas!!!!
    Aug 7, 2013 5:33am
  • Paradise

    Cosmic Messenger

    Fake Paradise

    I read today an early collaborator of JLP's, George Duke, has passed away at the young age 67. Memory eternal. May we all have Long life.
    Aug 7, 2013 1:08am
  • La Musique

    Mathé Olivier

    Hédé Bretagne France

    J'ai découvert la musique de Jean-Luc Ponty vers 16 ans à la médiathèque de Niort à la fin des années 80. Récemment je passais une cassette (sic!) dans la voiture, "Open Mind". Depuis, mon petit de 8 ans et demi me réclame "Jean-Luc Ponty" pour accompagner nos trajets. Merci.

    Translation: I discovered Jean-Luc Ponty's music at the Public Library in Niort at the end of the 80s. Recently I played a cassette (sic) of "Open Mind" in my car. Since then, my 8-year-old son asks for "Jean-Luc Ponty" on our car rides.

    Jul 29, 2013 11:49am
  • HELLO !


    Sorry for my long silence, although I did only an average of 2 concerts per month lately, some required a lot of work to prepare, like the 'premiere' with my daughter Clara on keyboards and vocals end of June. We did a mixed program of her music and mine, with her great double bass player Nathanael and Damien on drums who has been touring with me on a regular basis. I really enjoyed it a lot and am looking forward to do more with this format.

    BMB posted a link to a remix of my piece Computer Incantations For World Peace done apparently by a Brazilian DJ, I checked it out ...interesting...he put the bass drum in the wrong place in several sections, anyway BMB wonders if this could be a sign of an upcoming concert tour in the U.S. ? quite the contrary, this is a sign that with music being appropriated by anyone anywhere in the world for free, without any authorization, and doing whatever they want with it then posting it for free, a few even dare sell downloads without sharing anything with its creators of course, as a result it has become extremely difficult to find record labels willing to risk money on new albums, it's even worse for DVDs with all these videos available on youtube. Without a new album and support from a label, it is almost impossible to produce a major concert tour, a vicious circle. Internet has many very positive aspects, I am not going to elaborate here and to make it short, the downside is that without compensation, how will musicians buy new instruments, equipment, pay the rent etc. ? I am OK with my music being available for free if I can get new equipment, food, a home and everything else for free, I am willing to produce a major concert tour and play for free if we don't have to pay for flights, hotels, etc. etc. - 

    So.....Terence....no Americans did not make me mad, on the opposite I am very attached to America, California in particular, I feel great each time I am there and I was very happy to do so many dates in the U.S. with RTF4 2 years ago, during which we played a lot of major US cities. In the meantime there are many festivals and concert series in different countries around the world where they receive support from cultural organizations and have been inviting me, which is why you see concert dates listed from Mexico to Russia. This is not a preference from my part, I do not decide that I want to play in a specific place, I receive invitations and up to me to accept or not. 

    Josh....it is normal that you get distortion through an MXR phase 90 when playing double stops, I did as well, but you should be able to control the level of distortion by reducing the level of your violin signal into the unit, your reverb should not distort unless you run first into your phaser then from the phaser to the reverb, the ideal is to get a small mixer with separate sends and returns for your effects.


    Jul 13, 2013 7:03pm
  • John Oates (Hall and Oates) and JLP


    The last time I found an article on JLP on Google news, it was about a multi-CD compilation...which later turned out to be a mystery to JLP's management (ouch). Yesterday I found an article claiming that John Oates has a one track/month project which will feature (on various tracks) Taylor Swift, Vince Gill...and JLP. Interesting...is it true? I'd post the link, but it seems to invoke the spam filter.
    Jul 13, 2013 3:31pm
  • concierto en chile

    sebastian salas olivares

    copiapo copiapo Chile

    Hello my name is sebastian I have 14 years I hope chili read this message after you send the thousands I hear your tunes 2 years ago I love your music I lived in Antofagasta and after I came to copiapo you came to chile but I do not I could not tell me because it is advertised as other groups because not all listen jazz fusion'm very sorry for not informing me I am disappointed to see you and your band would like me to come back is that too much to ask for countries have many concerts but please go see chile I have your vinyl and dvd and not the same live hear hope you read this message greetings from me and my family I hope ponty goodbye.
    Jul 10, 2013 2:29am
  • Electric Violin Gear

    Josh L

    New York City New York USA

    Dear Jean-Luc, First off, HUGE fan. Your music is not only innovative and original, but also just a blast to listen to! I am also a violinist and have covered a few of your songs now. (Mirage, Question With No Answer, Trans Love Express, New Country, etc.) I play on a silent Yamaha violin and put it through a Yamaha mixer, MXR Phase 90, TC Electronic Hall of fame reverb, POG octave pedal into a Behringer PA speaker. I find this set-up provides a nice tone and array of sounds, however my one problem is that when I play double stops with both the phaser and reverb on, there is a lot of distortion. I was wondering if you knew how to solve this? Also, what pedals have you used throughout your career? Thanks and all the best, Josh
    Jul 4, 2013 4:09am