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  • After the Storm

    Glenn Mandelkern

    Citrus Heights CA

    I'm in Northern California where Jean-Luc Ponty has played at different times (e.g., in Carmel and Saratoga.)

    All week long we've been warned of a coming weather system that will absolutely wreak havoc.  It's said to be the strongest onslaught of wind and rain we've had in 5 years.  It'll be especially bad in higher elevations like Lake Tahoe.  We've been told to prepare for the worst, from downed power lines and impassable roads to floods everywhere.  Sandbags are being handed out to any resident requesting them.  It's due to arrive between tomorrow and tonight.

    I'm doing something different.  

    I'm specifically waiting once it's over whether I have electricity or not to hear one JLP tune that has such special meaning to me.  It's the very climactic "After the Storm."  Every time I hear it, whether the original or live versions, I gain new insight and meanings into it and from it.  Musically speaking, it covers a lot of territory in such short time.

    "After the Storm" has the power to cure depression and bring so much hope, no matter your troubles.  Thank you for such an excellent and uplifting composition!

    P.S.  I'd love to know what led to the making of this tune.  How did it come to be?  What's the story behind this favorite track from "Storytelling?"


    Dec 11, 2014 8:17am
  • Anderson-Ponty Band

    Kickstarter Backer

    Hi Jean-Luc,

    I think most of us who got involved in Kickstarter did so because we were your fans, or Jon Anderson's fans, and felt like you two could make some beautiful music together.  The demos are inspiring, and I think it's great that your wonderful world-class instrumental work will finally be paired with vocals, and that Jon's wonderful voice will finally be paired with a world-class band and world class instrumental music behind him again.

    So, I hope that this is taken in the spirit it is intended- as being from a fan who thinks the world of both of you as musicians, and of your wonderful backing band.

    I am very disappointed to hear that there will not be a studio album as well as a live album.  How many albums there would be (1 or 2) and what the nature of them was going to be (live or studio) was a topic that was discussed a lot in the fan community during the fundraising portion of the Kickstarter campaign.  Many people were waiting to pledge, or were considering whether or not to withdraw their pledges (Which they were allowed to do up until the close of the fundraising phase, after which credit cards were charged), pending the answer to those questions.

    So, the official project on it's official Kickstarter page gave us an official, clear, and definitive answer that we would all get 1 studio album and 1 live album.  I understand that it is perhaps not the artists themselves who are responsible for maintaining the page and issuing updates, but because it is the official site, the updates were all understood to be from the band in the sense of being at least representatives of the band (employees, management, public relations people, or the like) and that they were making binding statements approved by the band.

    It of concern that we could be officially promised a studio album and a live album, two full albums of material, and then be told four months after our credit cards have been charged that we are only getting half of that.

    I hope you can understand why we would find this disconcerting.  It is not necessarily that everyone involved would not have funded simply one live album or that everyone would have backed out when they were still allowed to, perhaps they would have found one album to be of sufficient value.  But perhaps not.  Though I take you at your word that you had no knowledge of this update, it was a promise made on your behalf to secure advanced funding from fans, some on very limited budgets, who will now not get the full product they thought they were helping fund.

    In fact, prior to that update, some of the more mathematically inclined fans determined that the project was not on pace to meet it's fundraising goal of $95,000.  Kickstarter rules are that if a project doesn't meet it's goal, it gets $0.00 and no one's credit cards are charged at all.  So it is very significant that a promise was made in writing to backers and potential backers and now we hear that there are no plans to deliver.

    Is there going to be some attempt to "make good" on this promise made on your behalf to the fans who funded this project in part because of this promise?  Is there any way to do something for the fans who were led to believe this was part of what they were paying for by your people or Jon's people?  The update, as you can see, is really very clear that there were supposed to be 1 live album and 1 studio album, for a total of 2 albums.

    Probably, these updates should have been approved by the principals before they went out, but of course the past is already in the past and in-alterable.  There is still the opportunity for you and Jon to try to do something for the fans who were promised this and who had faith in you guys to deliver it, though.

    Can you at least tell us who was writing these updates and what their relationship to the band was or is?

    Dec 11, 2014 2:10am
  • Kickstarter


    Thanks for the clarification, Jean-Luc.  I'm afraid it's rather disappointing news, as Update #17 was presented as a clarification that led all those contributing to believe that they were getting both a studio album and a live album.  I suspect there will be some strong negative reaction from fans.

    That being said, I am very much looking forward to the final project.  Many thanks for years of wonderful music.


    Dec 11, 2014 1:20am
  • Kickstarter question


    Hi MaxZ......thank you for your message! Jon and I have always planned to release 1 live album + DVD from same concert. You are the second person asking whether we'll release 1 or 2 albums, so I checked Kickstarter and see that someone indeed wrote a text announcing studio album plus live album, however all pledges are correct 1 CD + DVD, so this is weird.....perhaps someone in our management or in the chain between them and Kickstarter heard Jon and me talking about possibly doing additional studio work on some songs, which they would have misinterpreted as 2 albums.....very strange....Anyway Jon and I found our live performance in Aspen very inspired, really good and it was recorded in studio like conditions in this beautiful small Opera House in Aspen with great acoustics, so this was really the best choice for both of us.

    Dec 10, 2014 11:53pm
  • APB Kickstarter content


    Hi Jean-Luc

    I am a great fan of yours and Jon Andersons, and I am very excited to hear that you are doing a project together!!

    My question is this: The kickstarter campaign promised three seperate things: a studio album, a live album, and a live DVD. But there seems to be a lot of noise coming from fans saying there is confusion about this.

    Can you clarify for us, once and for all, that we are getting a studio album plus a live CD and DVD?

    Thank you so much!

    Dec 8, 2014 10:38pm
  • That young band

    Cosmic messenger

    Fake paradise

    BMB is correct! Great band! Superb rendition of this soulful JLP tune. I'm glad to see the young musicians into JLP! and other jazz and fusion.

    Dec 6, 2014 8:35am
  • Responding to BMB

    Jeff Marsh

    Granada Hills CA United States

    Hi BMB - Thank you for the very kind words. Patrick was only 15 in that video. He just turned 17 and has come a long way. We owe a lot to JLP. I hope Patrick gets to meet him someday. The adults backing him up are actually my high school friends from back in the 70s. We use to cover many JLP tunes back then, but there was no one around who could play violin. We played them anyway. I solved the problem by having a child, teaching him violin, and transcribing many JLP tunes.

    I’ve had a great time coming full circle. Thanks again, Jean-Luc!!!


    Dec 5, 2014 8:50pm
  • Patrick Marsh (performing a JLP composition)


    Jeff-I looked up the video...then watched it 4 more times, and was ready for 4 more (and then some). WOW-your son is so talented, and the entire band did a great job performing this JLP composition. I never got to see the JLP Cosmic Messenger tour, but this performance was so good that if I lived near LA, I'd want to see your son and this band perform. I thought the drummer had some good chops, and the bassist-well, he really did justice to this composition. 

    Dec 4, 2014 3:08am
  • Young Violinist

    Jeff Marsh

    Granada Hills CA United States

    Dear Jean-Luc, My name is Jeff Marsh. I am a working composer in the Los Angeles area, composing music for films, movie trailers and video games. I started my musical adventures in the 70s, around the time I bought Aurora on vinyl. I’ve been a devoted fan ever since, and I can still hear your influence making it’s way into my own music.

    But the main reason I’m writing to you is about my son, Patrick. He is a senior at LACHSA (Los Angeles County High School for the Arts). He is their concertmaster by day, and at night he plays his blue Forness Fuse in a tribute band honoring you. I thought you deserved to know that the art you created decades ago is influencing a young violinist of today. I tried posting a link but the filters here will not allow it. When you have a moment, please search YouTube for “Patrick Marsh Fake Paradise”.

    Thank you again for the way you have changed our lives for the better.


    Dec 4, 2014 12:43am
  • Kickstarter follow up


    Hello Kickstarter Back.....first a big thank you for your contribution!!! Jon and I have been working very hard since the shows in Aspen, listening to the live recordings, choosing and editing the best live performances. I personally work on it everyday, proceeding to additional recording so we have a choice of live and studio tracks. I am supervising all audio and Jon all filmed images. We are preparing a formal announcement next week with status update, new pictures and a music recorded sample. 

    Dec 3, 2014 12:59am