Titles and science
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    Hi Evans, sorry for the delay.....I wanted to respond in detail to your question about relation between my titles and science. My wife Claudia found "The Struggle of the Turtle to the Sea" in 1977, when she heard the long suite I just wrote at the time that develops into different sections she thought of a documentary she had just seen on TV about baby sea turtles struggling from the beach to the ocean as soon as they are born. She also found "Wandering On the Milky Way", my violin sound through long echo evoked flying in space and we searched for a title that would reflect our interest into space discoveries and astronomy in general. I came up with "Life Cycles" and "Forms of Life" because the way these pieces start with small groups of notes and rhythms that slowly evelove by changing or adding just one note or rhythm evoked for me the evolution and mutation of genes and cells. I am only a musician with no scientific education and just read a few books written by scientists who manage to make it fairly easy to understand, so that I am a bit less ignorant.  

    Apr 26, 2014 5:54pm