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    Josh L

    New York City New York USA

    Dear Jean-Luc,

    First off, HUGE fan. Your music is not only innovative and original, but also just a blast to listen to!

    I am also a violinist and have covered a few of your songs now. (Mirage, Question With No Answer, Trans Love Express, New Country, etc.)

    I play on a silent Yamaha violin and put it through a Yamaha mixer, MXR Phase 90, TC Electronic Hall of fame reverb, POG octave pedal into a Behringer PA speaker.

    I find this set-up provides a nice tone and array of sounds, however my one problem is that when I play double stops with both the phaser and reverb on, there is a lot of distortion.

    I was wondering if you knew how to solve this?

    Also, what pedals have you used throughout your career?

    Thanks and all the best,


    Jul 4, 2013 4:09am