in answer to a few questions
  • in answer to a few questions


    My focus was on the situation in Boston where I have several friends, bassist Baron Browne and his wife, Benoit Rolland the bow maker and his wife and also the Berklee School of Music where I gave some master classes. So tragic, but glad the terrorists were caught! 

    To comment on a few messages posted lately: the compilation release in that review mentioned by BMB is not the 4-CD box set that was produced by Warner/France in 2011 entitled "Electric Fusion - The Atlantic Years" - which my management is trying to release in the U.S., and which contains a booklet with vintage photos and liner notes by a writer and some also by me, except that texts are in French only and have to be translated in English. So, my management is trying to find out what exactly is this new compilation released by Rhino, it says 'imported', we don't know from where. Neither me nor my management have been contacted by any record label in regard to this other compilation.

    As for what I am doing when not touring......practicing violin at home, between 1 and 2 hours a day to keep my chops and also to come up with new playing ideas; and I have spent months working on the symphonic arrangements of my music for these recent and future performances with big orchestras. It's a huge amount of work, so the only regular hobby I have is to practice yoga, almost everyday to keep in shape, long walks in nature, connecting with my grand children, reading and traveling to interesting places in the world where I am not invited to play.   

    Apr 21, 2013 12:45am