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  • Thanks


    Allen Park MI United States

    Thank you so much for sharing your talent and gift with us. You have truly made the world a better place. Hope you can come within driving distance of Detroit, MI. God Bless You.
    Mar 12, 2013 3:04am
  • Com'in to play

    Eddie sullivan

    Bryan Texas U.S.A.

    Mr. Ponty, When will you perform in Texas?Let me know early,so I can be there.Been listening since late 70's.It's time to see the performance.Thank you. Eddie Sullivan Native of Grimes County
    Mar 10, 2013 4:37am
  • New concerts


    Fans-notice that there are now 2 concerts scheduled for Mexico in May. Maybe the start of something....
    Mar 6, 2013 12:13pm
  • 2013

    Brad Thompson

    Any possibility of a performance at either Montreux or North Sea this year?
    Mar 2, 2013 12:53am
  • fan club normand


    Caen Normandie France

    Super, un concert de J-Luc PONTY en Normandie!!! on commençait à s'impatienter depuis le concert d'Avranche. 5 ans c'est long !!!
    Feb 27, 2013 11:46pm
  • Concert In Oxnard


    Camarillo Ca U.S.

    Hi Jean-Luc, Been a big fan yours for a long time. The first time I saw you was during the M.A.tour you played at the Greek in L.A. Just wanted to say thanks for playing in my hometown of Oxnard.
    Feb 25, 2013 12:32am
  • All time favorite


    Atlanta GA USA

    If I was stranded on an island and could only take 3 things I swear No Absolute Time would be on the list!:) Kudos to you sir for making some of the most amazingly timeless and beautiful music I have ever heard. God bless you. Waiting for your return to Atlanta!!!
    Feb 23, 2013 6:10am
  • Please Come to NY


    Amityville NY USA

    I've missed your gigs at IMAC in Huntington NY, please come back and play!!
    Feb 22, 2013 2:29am
  • Hi


    Livonia MI

    My daughter and I cant wait to see you play again..We did see you perform as a member of thr RTF band a few years back but cant wait to see the JLP band with WILLIAM LECOMTE, GUY NSANGUE AKWA,DAMIEN SCHMITT,MOUSTAPHA CISSE...without a doubt a impeccable combination of musicians, all which have had a positive impact on my 19 year old daughter and my taste for real music... Simply put....Thanks again for the experience of your wonderful music... Paul
    Feb 17, 2013 10:50pm
  • New Album

    David Steele

    Detroit MI United States

    I cant wait to here the new sound you come up with in 2013 and how do you get you sound and technique violin player to violin player so I can know because I love your work and want to learn from you. David Steele
    Feb 5, 2013 2:12am