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    Virginia USA

    Bonjour Jean Luc,

    I have been your fan since 1979 and I was living in Wisconsin I saw you in Milwaukee, Wi during the 1980's.

    I now live in NOVA (Northen Virigina) and I am surely hoping you can make it this way in 2013. I would love to come to see you in concert.

    Have you ever thought of touring with your big band feature. I am watching The Struggle of the Turtle at Sea from Frankfort Germany 2012 with Hr Big Band and I just love it!!!

    You always amaze me with how you continue to reinvent yourself.

    Please consider an album including big band

    Hope your tour this year is going very well!! All the Best to you and your family Jean-Luc!

    Your biggest fan!

    Ronero Robbins

    Mar 30, 2013 10:03pm