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    Sorry for my long silence, although I did only an average of 2 concerts per month lately, some required a lot of work to prepare, like the 'premiere' with my daughter Clara on keyboards and vocals end of June. We did a mixed program of her music and mine, with her great double bass player Nathanael and Damien on drums who has been touring with me on a regular basis. I really enjoyed it a lot and am looking forward to do more with this format.BMB posted a link to a remix of my piece Computer Incantations For World Peace done apparently by a Brazilian DJ, I checked it out ...interesting...he put the bass drum in the wrong place in several sections, anyway BMB wonders if this could be a sign of an upcoming concert tour in the U.S. ? quite the contrary, this is a sign that with music being appropriated by anyone anywhere in the world for free, without any authorization, and doing whatever they want with it then posting it for free, a few even dare sell downloads without sharing anything with its creators of course, as a result it has become extremely difficult to find record labels willing to risk money on new albums, it's even worse for DVDs with all these videos available on youtube. Without a new album and support from a label, it is almost impossible to produce a major concert tour, a vicious circle. Internet has many very positive aspects, I am not going to elaborate here and to make it short, the downside is that without compensation, how will musicians buy new instruments, equipment, pay the rent etc. ? I am OK with my music being available for free if I can get new equipment, food, a home and everything else for free, I am willing to produce a major concert tour and play for free if we don't have to pay for flights, hotels, etc. etc. - So.....Terence....no Americans did not make me mad, on the opposite I am very attached to America, California in particular, I feel great each time I am there and I was very happy to do so many dates in the U.S. with RTF4 2 years ago, during which we played a lot of major US cities. In the meantime there are many festivals and concert series in different countries around the world where they receive support from cultural organizations and have been inviting me, which is why you see concert dates listed from Mexico to Russia. This is not a preference from my part, I do not decide that I want to play in a specific place, I receive invitations and up to me to accept or not. Josh....it is normal that you get distortion through an MXR phase 90 when playing double stops, I did as well, but you should be able to control the level of distortion by reducing the level of your violin signal into the unit, your reverb should not distort unless you run first into your phaser then from the phaser to the reverb, the ideal is to get a small mixer with separate sends and returns for your effects. 

    Jul 13, 2013 7:03pm