a few comments
  • a few comments


    Again thanks to all of you who post messages in this board, I always read them with much interest. In reply to some of your questions: no concerts in the U.S. will be programmed this year unfortunately, we are now looking at 2014.

    Scott: in 1980 Randy Jackson was living in San Francisco and was recommended to me by either Joaquin Lievano or Peter Manau, the 2 guitarists who were in my band and recorded the album Cosmic Messenger with me in 1978, both from San Francisco and I forgot if it was Joaquin or Pete who recommended Randy as bass player for the band. Randy then recommended Walter Afanasieff on keyboards, also from San Francisco, at the time the two of them were collaborating with Narada Michael Walden on record productions in the bay area, including Whitney Houston's first hit album. Then Randy became record producer for Sony Music  moved to Los Angeles, you know the rest....

    BMB: The announcement of my collaboration to Jeff Lorber's new album is legitimate. I recorded on one piece, a new arrangement of  King Kong, as part of Jeff's tribute to Zappa's music. 

    Chris: thanks for your compliments about my intonation. Branford Marsalis who was also performing that evening gave me the same complimentI. I wish I never missed as you say but unfortunately it can happen, it's easier to play in tune with an acoustic violin or at least with a mostly acoustic band, as opposed to a louder electric context where it's harder to hear all harmonics coming out of an electric violin.      

    Sep 23, 2013 1:56pm