The Atacama Experience
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Album Art - The Atacama Experience
Date: Mai 22, 2007

Jean Luc Ponty & His Band

Jean Luc Ponty (violon, keyboards) William Lecomte (piano, keyboards), Guy Nsangué Akwa (basse électrique), Thierry Arpino (batterie) Moustapha Cissé (percussions) Invités: Allan Holdsworth, guitare #4 Philip Catherine, guitare #2, #12

Chansons de ce CD:

  1. Intro
  2. Parisian Thoroughfare
  3. Premonition
  4. Point Of No Return
  5. Back In The 60's
  6. Without Regrets
  7. Celtic Steps
  8. Desert Crossing
  9. Last Memories Of Her
  10. The Atacama Experience
  11. On My Way To Bombay
  12. Still In Love
  13. Euphoria
  14. To And Fro

Commentaires de Jean-Luc sur la production de 'The Atacama Experience' (4 stars - Down Beat Magazine)